About us

Set up by a team of professionals with years of experience in online training, Digital Marketing training Guru offers a broad spectrum of high quality accredited digital and social media marketing and web technologies courses to all those from India and abroad, wishing to learn, keep up to date & extend their knowledge in the digital marketing and web design technologies arena.aboutus

Designed and conceptualized by experts, our industry designed and validated courses are customized in tune with prevalent market trends, providing for specialist knowledge & understanding of what the course subject area is all about, how it relates to today’s business working environment and how it can be turned into successful outcomes that eventually benefits businesses. The course material is updated on acontinuous basis so as to ensure the students gain the up-to- date knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly growing and ever-changing industry.

The course teaching incorporates a proven four-step learning process: presentation, demonstration, guidance and independent practice, provided on one-on- one basis with each student. Whether the students wants to kickstart their career or gain a new promotion or get back into the workforce, the whole learning process is flexible and adaptable to prevalent market trends. Tutors at Digital Marketing Guru are certified and qualified professionals who bring the relevant and current set of skills to the courses. Not only do they have proven teaching abilities, but also have the ability to infuse the students with the right skills and equip students with the knowledge they need and the qualifications they can trust.

Digital Marketing Academy’s focus on affordable courses with education-to- employment approach and placement aims to generate consistent productive talent pipeline while helping students stay competitive with the latest skills that matters in a competitive marketplace.


To combine the highest academic standards with practical, hands-on learning, expert teaching faculty and the latest technologies that equip the students with the requisite skills and ensure that they are career-ready.


Because we,

  • Remain dedicated to educating students and professionals in order to promote career growth in the expanding Digital Marketing global job market;
  •  Make critical skills more affordable and accessible to everyone;
  • Offer courses that equips students with practical knowledge, effective tools and techniques, essential in today’s marketplace;
  • Have certified Tutors well-versed in their subject area and in tune with prevalent market-trends; &
  • Provide work-based assignments that give students practical and hands-on exposure to real-life situations that allows them to actively apply their skills in planning and managing digital marketing campaigns.


A Certificate from Digital Marketing Guru will enable you to:

  •  Get certified and improve your career prospects;
  • Boost your skills and knowledge that are relevant to prevalent market situations;
  • Build up extensive expert knowledge, which you will be able to apply at a professional level to diverse situations and requirements;
  • Build up the appropriate understanding of the concept and theories that strengthen digital marketing approach, and their relevance to today’s business environment; &
  • Help you place in a good company that will in turn help fuel your career growth.